There Is a God (Songbook)

There Is a God (Songbook)
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Product ID: TR-SOB-0021
Language: Chinese Traditional
Author: 讚美之泉 (Stream of Praise)
Publisher: Stream of Praise,



This songbook includes the music sheets of all the songs from the album "There Is A God."
For every song, there are melody lead sheet and creative activity designed for children.

*Piano Duet Score: "The Love of Dad and Mom"

Contents of the songbook: 
[Lead Sheets] Melodic lead sheets that can help kids learn the notes to play and sing each song.

[Creative Lessons] Creative activity is specially designed according to the message of each song. It enhances children to understand the message behind each song through writing, drawing, journaling...and so on.

[Scriptures and Prayers] In each creative activity, it includes scripture and prayer. Children can be taught to pray and to memorize the related Bible scriptures.

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