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If you receive the goods after the goods have quality problems found in such books are damaged, missing pages, flip, print fuzzy, open line, degumming, etc.; audio and video products and packaging does not match the content, or other serious playback issues when you receive the product, please follow the following procedure:

  • a. Please be sure to receive the goods within 5 days, contact web-store, and request a return;
  • b. The returned product must be kept in the state when you received it (to maintain integrity of packaging, related ancillary product range - for example: product comes with a booklet, CD, etc.);
  • c. Please send the original packaging, invoice and together with the return goods return bookstores; if you do not have the invoice, please include your name, address, email and order number;
  • d. Please specify reasons for return (for e.g. missing pages, or CD cover damaged, etc.)

Return mailing address:
Fountain of Grace
23 Cheval Place, Canning Vale, 

WA, 6155, Australia

Returned if the customer does not follow the above procedure, “Fountain of Grace web store” has the right to refuse the request of customers returning the product.

Also note:

  • 1. In principle, when the customer receives any goods that are defective upon arrival, we will issue you with a new product of the same kind. Please ensure us ample time for delivery and packing to take place.
  • 2. Please make sure you contact us if you are unclear of the return of goods procedure.

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