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The vision of a Chinese-language online Christian bookstore was born at the beginning of 2009. While talking to other brothers and sisters, it became apparent to us all that there were very few, if any, bookstores in Perth that sells Chinese Christian books. Many Christians today desire spiritual growth and books can be a source of learning and encouragement. So, I kept this thought in my heart and I prayed to God about it from time to time. Meanwhile, I looked for partners who shared a similar vision, with the intention of sharing the work and building up the ministry together. Nothing much came of it in the next 12 months, though some brothers and sisters did show some interest.

So I continued praying for a team for this ministry and then the company was formed at the end of 2010. The vision of this bookstore is to draw Christians closer to God’s Word. God’s Word in our hearts will change us because of God’s grace. The purpose of this website is to shed light on the lives of Christians.

How did the name of Fountain of Grace come about? The Bible says that it is by the grace of God, that we are saved, not by works; so no one can boast. Definitely, God’s grace overflows, the business name was registered on 21st March, 2011. Since then, the team has dedicated themselves to make the commencement of this ministry a reality. The origin of the logo tells its own story.

The following icons describe how it came about:

Logo Explanation

The goals of this bookstore

  1. Build up a growing interest in reading Christian books and and audio-visual materials such as Christian CDs and DVDs.
  2. Encourage the use of website forum to share our Christian views and struggles.
  3. Encourage believers to grow in Christ through events, or meetings.

I would also like to give acknowledgment to our web designer (David Levi) and logo designer (Cindy Tan) for all their hard work and creativity. I would also like to thank all pastors and friends that have helped in one way or another in making this a reality. Finally, and most importantly, thank God for everything and the journey He has taken us on to make all this possible.


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